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Company Overview


Hello. My name is Viswa. I'm a senior application developer for the integrated services team. I work under HM Health Solutions. And I've been working here for three years. So, when I was hired to HM Health Solutions, I didn't have big expectations of what was gonna happen. I thought being deaf, I didn't know how it would work out with the culture being an employee here. Since I've been hired, I've been very impressed how everyone's treated me and how all my co-workers have collaborated with me and how they worked with a deaf employee. I was able to pick up and learn a lot, develop my skills. The experiences have helped me a lot. I'm more confident. I'm able to work with the customers, meet with them, work things out, make sure that we're able to get things done before we deliver. I strongly believe when you work with people, you have to test, you have to retest. That's how you get things done. You want to make sure everything's right before you deliver and nothing's wrong, so you want to make sure you have to fit all the requirements that you have from your customer.

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