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Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders


It was the first interview I'd given. And to get the call back within two hours, I was just excited beyond belief.

So, the culture at HMHS is laid-back and yet still professional. We're just, like, in this perfect middle ground between the two.

It's helped me create my career path by, one, networking. I've gotten so much exposure, whether it be executives or just peers. And I've gained a lot of business knowledge around the company that really keeps me interested and keeps me wanting and eager to learn more.

Not only does it give you a chance to expand your connections with everyone, but also being in a class and sharing this experience of going from college to a workforce.

Being an ELP associate has given me the opportunity to develop more of the technical skills required to be successful within security while also progressing more the soft skills related to presenting those technical concepts.

I think that says a lot about HMHS, that it would actually bring in somebody that doesn't have too much experience with the language and give them the opportunity to not only try it but excel at it.

Rotating through each team, it kind of helps you figure out exactly what you really want to do as a career. And it kind of shows you on a day-to-day basis what kind of work you actually like doing.

I did not expect to have this much of a versatile experience coming in. I've been given three very different opportunities, be it a new programming language, old programming language, or just a new concept entirely.

Without the Emerging Leaders Program, I wouldn't be in the role that I'm in today. It was my third rotation, and I made a really good relationship with my director at the time. And now I'm on the team permanently.

So, it's only been two months, and I'm already leading a huge project, and it's really exciting that I can work hands-on and lead my own team.

I really think that within the two years, I probably got like five years of experience that I would have got elsewhere.

The name of the program, Emerging Leaders, you know, it's like, "Whoa, am I going to be a leader?" I don't know, it kind of set apart a tone for the program that it's... the level of expectations is just one step above.

I think the rotation program was really valuable because I made a lot of business connections, but I also made some lifelong friends.

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