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So, my first rotation, in portals, I actually did front-end development, which I've never done before. So I started off there, and I'd never touched AngularJS, which is the language I primarily used there, and I learned it on the fly. And then in my second rotation, when I got there, they're like, "Hey, we use PowerShell a lot here," and I was like, "Okay. Well, I've never used PowerShell," so I learned that on the fly, and now I'm in my third rotation, and now that I'm really getting into Java, it's really cool to see how the different languages kind of mix together and how they all play together.

I was able to influence where I would start at the beginning of the program, which I've had experience in COBOL, so I was able to influence to go somewhere where there was a track with COBOL.

The people that are here, they really give you a chance to learn because they're eager to help you learn, to really get you up to that point, and that's been what I've been seeing the entire time, and the ability to learn a language that is just never going to die. It's always going to be here.

It's nice. It's like, you know, you feel like an adult, kind of, like you're finally getting to use all the stuff you learned and put it to actual use and do something in the world.

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