Employee Spotlight ...
Michelle Donaghy

Sometimes, the job you’re looking for finds you. For Michelle Donaghy, her interest in a career in health IT began with a deep feeling of personal connection. “Giving back is something that has always resonated with me,” she explains, “and what really caught my eye about HMHS was their commitment to their local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

An advocate for volunteerism, Michelle displays a commitment to hands-on community support through her volunteer experience in humanitarian organizations such as the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, as well as Petapalooza and various homeless shelters and food drives. “Volunteering is a great way for someone to promote meaningful change – so when I saw HMHS’ dedication to corporate responsibility and community involvement, I immediately felt that this organization could be the right fit for me.”

Now an associate business analyst based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Michelle’s work on the frontlines of health care technology bridges gaps. “I work directly with clients to seek out ways to not only improve processes but also their customer experience,” she says. It’s safe to say that, every day, Michelle makes the difference for her clients. And while working with innovative technology to help provide better health outcomes for all is impressive, for Michelle, it’s the latest on her growing list of accomplishments that she has achieved – all before her eighteenth birthday.

Embracing Opportunity

Michelle’s story isn’t heard often.

After skipping two grades at Commonwealth Charter Academy and finishing high school at fifteen, Michelle became the youngest person to graduate from Central Penn College in the school’s history. Graduating in December of 2021 with a degree in Business Administration, just a few months after her seventeenth birthday, Michelle explains, “The funny thing is, I never specifically set out to graduate early or begin working in health care technology. In a way, it all just happened.”

What does she credit her success to? Embracing opportunity.

“When a different path presents themselves to someone, they can either take a risk and try something new or continue to do what they’ve always been doing. Whenever opportunity presented itself to me, I always pursued it, considering it a chance to grow.”

She continues, “I’ve always lived by the motto to never procrastinate or put something off, regardless of how big or small it is, because it might slip through your grip before you can accomplish your goal. During high school a mentor told me something very similar to that, and since then, I’ve taken that advice to heart; personally and professionally, it has helped to keep me accountable and has been a catalyst for motivation, both for what I have accomplished, and what I can achieve in the future.”

A Bright Future

And what does the future look like for Michelle?

“I want to be a leader and a mentor – someone who supports continuous learning, both for myself and for others,” Michelle says. “The best leaders are the ones who help bring the best out of others. Throughout my life, I’ve had people help guide and develop me, and as I progress in my career, I want to pay it forward.”

A promoter of lifelong learning, Michelle stresses the cycle of knowledge that good leadership and mentorship can encourage. “By motivating and inspiring others to pursue lifelong learning,” she continues, “we can motivate one another toward personal and professional success, wherever life takes us.”

One thing is clear: Wherever life takes Michelle, her future is bright.

Thanks to Michelle for being an Employee Spotlight!