Employee Spotlight ...
Nicole Casanta

“We all know someone who was a patient at some point in their lives. Because of this, all of us can relate to the way that good health care technology can positively impact someone’s life.”

“Technology is the future of health care,” Nicole Casanta explains. “Driving virtually every aspect of treatment, from the creation of patient information databases to the development of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, there can be no doubt that health information technology (IT) improves lives. And here at HM Health Solutions (HMHS), every employee actively takes part in revolutionizing health care.”

Through her work in health care tech, Nicole changes lives by changing health care. “HMHS employees are revolutionizing care delivery for both patients and providers alike,” she says. “Every day, our people work toward creating an ecosystem where patients have more control over their health.”

Nicole continues, “Our vision is a world where everyone embraces health. To us, that means a world where patients are empowered by technology to facilitate more personalized, customizable care outcomes.”

Read on to learn more about Nicole, her role in our organization, and how she plays a part in powering the future of health care for all.

Remarkable Experiences

“We all know someone who was a patient at some point in their lives. Because of this, all of us can relate to the way that good health care technology can positively impact someone’s life.”

Her first job out of college, the decision for Nicole to pursue a career in health care technology was a personal one. “The opportunity to work for an organization that not only values its employees but also actively inspires them to create better health outcomes for others through innovative technology is what initially sparked my interest in health IT.” Nicole continues, “When I started working here, the people, leadership, and chance to be directly involved in delivering remarkable experiences for our customers and their members is what has inspired me to stay and grow in my career.”

Manager, business platform, in Enterprise Knowledge Management, Nicole stands as the Service Owner for HMHS’ Knowledge Management Library – a cloud-based, industry-leading knowledge management solution serving employees across our organization, as well as HMHS’ health plan customers. “In my role, I lead a highly specialized team of business and technical professionals who use their expertise to support and administer all facets of knowledge management strategy and technology for our organization,” Nicole says.

How does her role contribute to HMHS’ vision of a world where everyone embraces health? Nicole explains, “The content contained within KML spans across all areas of our Enterprise Health Solution (EHS) Platform. Because of that, KML empowers both our customers and those within our organization to share knowledge quickly, consistently, and securely. KML is changing the way we manage quality, consistent knowledge as we continue in our mission to provide a remarkable health care experience for all.”

Powering the Future of Health Care

“HMHS employees are building new, innovative health care solutions from the ground up to reinvent the care experience for both patients and providers,” Nicole says. “And as a manager, I stand alongside my team members in doing just that.”

Every day, Nicole and her colleagues power the future of health care through groundbreaking solutions and cutting-edge technology. It’s not easy, but to Nicole, the challenge is just another motivator. “Of course, my team and I are always striving for success, but the road to accomplishment always contains difficulties. It can be daunting, especially when met with failure along the way. However, something that I often remind my team members of is that failure is the next best thing to success because you can still learn from it - the only true failure is in not trying at all.”

Elaborating, Nicole says, “Improving the health care experience for all is a challenge – and the journey to success will contain just as many obstacles at it will accomplishments. That’s why it’s so important to remember that, even when things don’t work out the way we thought they might, we can always learn from our mistakes, pick up where we left off, and move forward toward achievement.”

A Vision Worth Believing In

With HMHS recently having been awarded as one of the Best Places to Work in western Pennsylvania by the Pittsburgh Business times, Nicole comments that, “With everything from our mission and vision that keep us aligned to our overarching goal to our excellent leadership who value their employees and set them up for success, HMHS truly is a best place to work.”

She concludes, “I love what I do, am constantly inspired by the leaders and colleagues throughout the organization, and am grateful to be part of a company that provides positive, widespread impacts to both those within our local community and throughout the globe. Our people truly believe in our vision, and the work we do every day to get there. It’s why I’ve been here for the past 15 years – and why I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Thanks to Nicole for being an Employee Spotlight!

Nicole Casanta