HM Health Solutions Celebrates
Black History Month

Black History Month 2022

Since 1976, February has been decreed as Black History Month. First officially recognized by President Gerald Ford, who called upon the public to, “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history,” over 40 years later February remains a time to celebrate African American excellence and achievement, reaffirming and upholding the historical importance of black men and women in America.

A national observance to celebrate the importance of African American culture, February breaks barriers, commemorates resilience, and honors the achievements that have been made and continue to be made by black Americans. An annual recognition of the history, influence, and many and varied achievements of the African American community, Black History Month is the perfect time to educate, uplift, and advocate for change. The month-long celebration offers an opportunity to reimagine what possibilities lie ahead for all of those who fight for equality, equity, and racial justice.

Throughout Black History Month, employees throughout HM Health Solutions (HMHS) weighed in on what equality and racial diversity means to them, and why representation is so important, especially in health care technology. Here’s what they had to say:

“Representation in health care enables everyone to be heard, giving us a sense of pride seeing people of color in leadership positions."

Chardae Jones, platform resolution analyst

“Without inclusivity, we can't have a healthy business model – but inclusivity isn't a one and done, ‘Yay, we did it!’ type of measurement that can be achieved; it's something that has to be continually, consistently worked on. And in our industry, racial diversity and inclusivity is essential. Without it, we’re missing out on providing an equitable and just health care system that helps provide quality outcomes for those who need it most.”

Beatrice Harper, business systems analyst

“Representation in health care enables everyone to be heard, giving us a sense of pride seeing people of color in leadership positions; it also empowers younger generations, sparking their inspiration as they will have people to look up to and feel encouraged, saying, ‘Wow – I can do that one day, too.’ In health care technology, racial diversity means celebrating our differences and understanding others’ unique and individual backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and values. It also means elevating equal representation by recognizing that everyone’s life experience is valid, and that my experience and black history is just as important as everyone else’s.”

Black History Month is a celebration of those who've impacted not just the country but also the world through their activism and achievements. In the United States, February is an opportunity for people to engage with black histories and highlight black leaders and accomplishments.

Diversity in health care technology highlights African American disruptors and trailblazers who are transforming health care for all. HMHS is proud to celebrate Black History Month as a time to engage in important conversations that further the cause for unity, justice, and equality for all people.