Living Health: Health transformation technology and innovation

Long-term strategic agreements with Google Cloud and Verily have generated strong interest in Highmark Health’s Living Health model. Combining predictive and prescriptive data analytics, innovative technology and engagement approaches, and evidence-based health and care pathways, Living Health promises to “create a remarkable health experience” that is simpler, and more proactive, holistic, and personalized.

The model’s centerpiece, the Living Health Dynamic Platform, is early in its development cycle, and expands on past work using data analytics to drive better health outcomes and lower costs. Specific Living Health solutions are already in use, including a diabetes management program powered by Verily’s Onduo platform. Similar solutions will address hypertension, depression/anxiety, congestive heart failure, and other chronic conditions.

The pandemic has accelerated investments and rollouts at the increasingly busy intersection of health and technology. But where many companies focus on specific point solutions, Highmark Health chief analytics officer Richard Clarke says that Living Health involves rethinking the entire ecosystem. The technological goal is a “learning health system that uses data and analytics to inform action, gauge whether the action had the right impact, and then adjust so it’s continuously getting better.”  

That holistic perspective is reinforced by Highmark Health’s “blended health” structure, which promotes collaboration across functions and business units that include health and dental insurance, providers (owned and via joint ventures like Penn State Health), population health management, and an extensive Enterprise Technology Organization.

“Google Cloud and Verily have been tremendous, but we’re also collaborating with our exceptional clinical and operational leaders, health plan experts, human-centered design professionals and more,” Clarke explains. “The technological innovation is shaped by insights from all parts of the ecosystem, with a relentless focus on figuring out how best to support an individual’s health and strengthen the relationship with their primary care provider and health team. That’s what sets Living Health apart.”