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Award-Winning, Innovative Printing Capabilities

Print Management

Today's businesses reach out to clients in a multitude of ways. HM Health Solutions offers the reliability, flexibility, and experience necessary for clients to deliver print services cost-effectively. Our full-service fulfillment locations process more than 993 million printed impressions every year. HM Health Solutions services are HIPAA compliant and follow robust quality protocols. Our three full-service print facilities have achieved ISO9001:2008 certification and received the 2016 Pitney Bowes Brilliance Award for Industry Leading Compliance.

Nykki, Quality Officer

Nykki, Quality Officer, Output Services

HM Health Solutions acquired Incepture Print Solutions, the fulfillment business of Guidewell Mutual Holding Corporation (Guidewell) in January 2017. The addition of this company and expansion of services is part of our overall growth strategy. Please follow the link for a full press release.


  • High-volume transactional printing
  • More than 1.5B printed impressions per year
  • Mailing more than 180M mail pieces per year
  • More than 200,000 jobs run per year
  • Statements, bills, payments, letters, and regulatory documents
  • Automated Document Factory
  • Xplor 2016 Application of the Year

Print and mail services continue to play a vital role in communications. It's our mission to ensure that print communications are produced and delivered at the highest quality and lowest cost possible. We deploy advanced technologies, value-driven capabilities, and high-volume output with health care industry level security.

2016 Brilliance Award Winners

Industry Leading Compliance: HM Health Solutions, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


HM Health Solutions' Output Services received the Brilliance Award by Pitney Bowes at their Annual 2016 Innovation Summit. The awards are given to print and mail organizations that exemplify innovative workflow, operations, and digital technology as well as overall customer delivery.

automated document factory

Go Green envelopeGo Green: We Support Your Paperless Initiatives

In addition to physical print documents, we offer these options:

  • Electronic Image Storage Option — In addition to or instead of print, a separate document can be rendered and provided for archive with a corresponding index file for link to your online websites or systems.
  • Alternative Delivery Options — Email, text message, and voice message notification options are available.

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Print Management