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Helping Our Clients Meet Their Strategic Vision

Customer-Centric Approach

The Customer is at the Center of Everything we do

"The center of our business would be the customers."
— Adam, Senior Technical Analyst

Other HM Health Solutions employees share their thoughts about serving customers:

"Knowing that I am part of a team that is always there for the customer really provides me with a great sense of satisfaction…We want to make sure we are delivering the best-of-breed security to the customer…The customer is at the center of everything we do."

"Seeing senior leadership from HM Health Solutions in Minnesota on the day we were going live—on Dec. 31 as we moved into Jan. 1—to me, that was a demonstration of how important we are as a customer.

I describe it as a partnership because each and every day I feel as though HM Health Solutions and its employees are committed to the success of Blue Cross of Minnesota. And that is a satisfying feeling, knowing that you and your employees are so invested and concerned about our success."

Jamie Rice

Jamie Rice, Senior Vice President of Health Plan Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Blue Cross of Minnesota

Yvette Bright

Yvette Bright, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Independence Blue Cross

"We knew we needed the right technology and tools to meet the future needs of our customers. We also knew that our operational efficiencies needed to improve with a long-term stable platform that would grow with us. In short, this new platform offers us greater capabilities."

In HM Health Solutions, IBC found full support and a true partnership. Electing the HM Health Solutions Enterprise Solution, IBC transitioned its organization, processes, and systems to be more robust and efficient.



"Working with HM Health Solutions resulted in a much smaller investment for our company than it would have taken if we'd upgraded our systems ourselves. Our plan became more efficient, competitive, and cutting-edge."

— Director of Financial Services


"The Enterprise Health Solution helped us update our systems so we could meet customers' needs quicker and more efficiently. The fact that our administrative functions work together now has made it easier from an internal perspective as well."

— Operations Manager


"The technology HM Health Solutions provided allowed us to catch up to and stay aligned with rate structures that accurately reflect our markets. And, our sales teams can get price quotes quickly, which makes them and our clients happy."

— Regional Account Manager